College Preparation and Mentorship

College applications can be confusing, tiring, inconvenient, and intimidating. Let us help you guide you and show you the way.

We’ve been there before. We know how it feels to be lost and alone in your quest to get ready for college. Maybe you’re in 10th grade and you want to know what you can do now to be a stand-out college applicant in a few years. Maybe you’re a junior who is already on the ball but needs to know some tips and tricks to make sure they don’t get any surprises come application season. Maybe you’re a senior who’s late to the party and has their SAT in 2 weeks.

We know how that is. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We have different types of affordable mentorship packages in which we will guide you and help you (in person or over the phone) illuminate the best ways to be successful in your quest to go to college. And if you need help with your current classload or with your SAT’s? Well we can certainly assist you there too. We have over a decade of combined tutoring experience in the SAT and high school level, and we’ve been accepted to prestigious universities throughout the nation– so we know what we’re talking about.

What are you waiting for? Start now!